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Insurance is a payment one makes to a company that signs a legal agreement of giving money in case of some kind of loss in the certain thing insured. For instance, if you have insured your bike, and it gets into an accident, you can claim the insurance money to pay for the damages done to the bike, and depending on the package you take, the money spent by you would change.

What to insure ?

Everything can be insured. For one, belongings which are comparatively expensive can be insured, including house, gold, etc. Other things that are also mandatory to insure, this mainly includes your private vehicles. Some people, especially celebrities have been known to insure their body parts.

Things you need to make insurance

  • Your own documentation.
  • Documents telling about the product that is being insured .
  • An inspection from an expert.
  • Payment, which is a fraction of the cost of the product you are insuring.
  • And the product can be insured for as long as you wish.

In order to make a claim, all you need to do is show the insurance receipt and get the money for the incurred losses.

Insurance is a must for all things that you deem important and even though it might seem like a tedious task in the beginning but it really is not, if you know the right people.