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Pan Card (NSDL)

What is a PAN Card ?

PAN stands for Permanent Account Number. It is mandatory for Indian citizens to have one, once they get a job that pays them. It is used to keep a tab of the income tax you need to pay to the government. It is 10alpha-numeric identity that is recognized under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

The PAN Card Enrolment can be done only after the age of 18, when the person is eligible to get a job. It is also necessary to get a job in any of the high working companies in the country, as it is linked to the provident fund account.

Why do you need it ?

  • It is used to pay taxes and is mandatory.
  • It is essential, if you want to have a loan.
  • Also, works as an identity.

PAN Card has become a necessity in today's time and it is something that every adult should have if he or she wishes to have a job. And even though the procedure looks difficult but once you start doing it, you will find it easy. Also, it would be able to get the procedure updates with the help of track PAN services.