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Privacy Policy

Know that, your privacy is very important to us, therefore; we have developed an official privacy policy webpage which includes how we collect, use, transfer, share, and store the information provided from you to us. Also, we have designed it in a way that each and every user can easily read and understand it. We are fully committed to keeping your data or personal information safe with us.

Note that this private policy only covers how we process your data. We are not responsible for the the privacy policies of any third parties. Their private practices may include hyperlinks to other websites or cookies which are set by other companies or websites.

The personal information or data that we collect from our users usually include name, address, contact number, email address, bank details and other such information. This information provided by an individual does not concern him/her as a private person. The information collected will only depend on the services utilized by the customer or user. We collect information to execute the below mentioned tasks:

  • > to allow us to fulfil your request,
  • > to allows us to keeping our customers informed about our services,
  • > to allow us to detect fraud and cyber-crime,
  • > to allow us to manage the contract such as invoices etc,

Also, we do not keep/store the personal data of our customers for long and it stays with us as long as it is allowed legally. Our users can reach out to us personally in order to get confirmation on whether we are using their data for personal use or not. We take all the security measures to protect the personal information of our customers. Hence you can trust us. Please take some time to know our privacy policy and our Privacy Policy can be updated from time to time. You may contact us on our given number or write to us at , if you have any comments, questions or concern. We will always be happy to assist you.