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Terms & Conditions

By using the Senapati Endeavour Pvt Ltd Services, you are agreeing to the below mentioned terms and conditions. Also, make sure you are not removed by the authorities of the website before.

  • (1.) All the users of Senapati Endeavour can use the service by logging into the Account and choosing the money transfer option. The new customers first need to create an account in order to make use of the service. In order to make transactions, you need to have a payment method.
  • (2.) We advised you to transfer the money to only those who are known to you. Once the transaction has been initiated and the money has been deducted, cannot be cancelled or stopped. In such event, we are not held accountable.
  • (3.) Note that, you can use any of the payment method available to you. Hence make sure you check the available modes of payment on the website before proceeding.
  • (4.) If you use your credit card to transfer the money, the money will be deducted from your card immediately and will be credited to the bank account the same day. And after you have requested for the money transfer, it cannot be cancelled.
  • (5.) You cannot sell our services to someone or use it for commercial purposes. This site is for personal use only.
  • (6.) We have every right to terminate the account of the user at will and that too without giving any prior notice.
  • (7.) The website content has all the rights reserved for it. So, you are allowed to use the website for intended purpose only. If any of the user tries to misuse it, his/her account will be closed permanently and strict actions may be taken against him/her.
  • (8.) We announce you that we can change the terms and conditions anytime. However, the account holders or users would be notified via email if there is any change.